Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM)

What is CRM? CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management.  CRM solutions are basically a set of software solutions that help organisations typically manage their Sales, Marketing and Customer Care divisions.

How does CRM systems do that?

  • Sales force automation: CRM solutions help your sales division to sell more effectively. It’s a central point from where the entire team has visibility over new leads/prospects; status of current quotes; Pipeline management. Correctly implemented CRM can help organisations improve their deal-win vs deal-lost ratios. If you struggle to sell more to your current customers (Up-selling) then you need a CRM solution. If you have no visibility of which quotes are out there and which orders are coming in, then you need a CRM solution.

Mobile Sales force: If you have Reps selling all over the place, how do you keep track of what they do and more importantly, do you provide them with the access to information they need when they are out on the road. CRM solutions solve these and other challenges commonly faced by mobile sales teams and their managers.

  • Marketing automation: CRM solutions help your marketing division to effectively manage the entire marketing division and its activities. All marketing campaigns start and end in the CRM system; In a B2B (Business-to-Business) environment for instance where you would send marketing or other communications via email, the email is sent from the CRM system. This allows the marketing team to track which emails are delivered/not delivered; who opens their emails; if the recipient opens the email, what did they click on?

In terms of Social Media, CRM systems can help the marketing division track the interactions of the organisation on various social media platforms. What is the social mood of the broader market towards your organisation? If someone complains on Facebook or Twitter and they mention your company name, how do you manage and track that complaint. CRM systems does all that!

  • Customer care: CRM solutions help your organisations love your customers more! When you need to keep track of communications (Email; Phone; Skype chats; Letters etc) a CRM solution can do that for you. The CRM solution becomes the central point for everything related to the customer.   Can you quickly track down that email your customer sent to you 3 years ago…if you had been running a CRM solution, you would have that email within seconds!

Case numbers: Do you need to issue and keep track of case numbers, CRM solutions are built for just that!

Some benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM include

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Sales Force Automation

  • Pipeline management
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Improve prospect targeting
  • Identify up-selling opportunities
  • Improve sales win/loss ratio
  • Access to customer information for mobile sales reps

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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement

Marketing Automation

  • Produce targeted and personalised customer communications
  • Manage marketing campaigns and track real ROI
  • Enable real-time campaign analysis
  • Gain visibility of Social media trends mentioning your company

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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement

Customer Care

  • Issue and track customer case numbers
  • Central point to initiate, control and archive all customer and vendor communications
  • Monitor service level agreements

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