With the new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP (2013 R2) Microsoft brings great new features that will allow you to make your business, and your people more productive.

  • Increase productivity and collaboration with Office 365
    • Easily create and securely share compelling dashboards with the new Office 365 app for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Enhance collaboration with increased Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Lync interoperability
  • Protect your data with enterprise-class backup on Microsoft Azure
    • Mitigate risk with secure, easy-to-use database back up to the cloud on Microsoft Azure
  • Streamlined workflow and requisitions capabilities
    • Quickly create and manage workflows & requisitions within Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Business Managers on the go can approve requests using email. Simplify procurement by consolidating multiple requisitions into single purchase order.


Purchasing Requisition functionality has been brought into the desktop side of the application with GP2013 R2.

  • The look and feel is like a transaction entry window in GP, but with fewer verified or required fields.
  • If the user doesn’t know the vendor or cost of an item, they can still submit the requisition to the purchasing agent.

With a tight tie-in to Workflow from the start, you can leverage Dynamics GP functionality to manage the business‘s goods request process.


With five new Workflow features, Dynamics GP can help your organisation to:

  • Enforce consistent business process for all system users
  • Ensure that policies are complied with

Improve corporate governance


When you need to limit user access to a company in order to perform maintenance or business process, you can take the company off-line so only the user needing to perform the task can log in. The administrator is also able to message the users of upcoming events or to ask them if they can exit the application.


In many cases, GP database backups are typically stored on the same disk or at least the same computer as the SQL Server. This doesn’t provide the customer the ability to recover from a disaster. You will now have an option on the Backup Company window to easily backup your GP databases directly to Windows Azure storage. Providing an easy way to create off-site backups that will get you up and running again in a disaster


  • With Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Users will be able to attach physical documents directly from a scanner.
  • Document Attach is now available from the Payables Transaction and flows them through from the vendor card.


  • In Dynamics GP 2013 R2 you have the ability to reverse the General Ledger Year End Close process.
  • Once activated the system will open the previously closed fiscal year
  • Will warn users to create backups and verify all users out of GP prior to process


Dynamics GP 2013 R2 allow you to quickly copy data from an Excel file and paste into the Financial Transaction Entry form.

  • Columns will need to be in corresponding order: Distribution Reference, Account Number, Debit and Credit.
  • Simply highlight the data in Excel, choose copy and then click the paste button to bring the data into Dynamics GP.

A validation report will print indicating any errors.


With Dynamics GP 2013 R2 you will be able to print the Outstanding Transactions report that printed when you reconciled your checkbook if you keep history. Now, you can access the same information at any time.


In Dynamics GP 2013 R2, you can enter timecards and enter time on behalf of a user directly in Dynamics GP.  Deployed on either web client or desktop client and integrated with workflow, employees can submit a timecard or recall a previously submitted timecard.


Dynamics GP 2013 R2 features great new Apps such as the Business Analyser. With Business Analyser you can view KPI’s anytime, anywhere.