The sales manager has a tough job. Managing your sales team or sales reps on the road requires up to date sales information. Business Central allows you to not only manage your prospects and pipeline but you can also grow your sales or organization into a powerful automated sales machine with the potent software.

Equip Your Sales Manager with Up To Date Information

There many specific features for the sales manager role in Business Central. Under settings,  you can select the role “sales and relationship manager” and you will immediately notice how the actions and functionality adjust for the role of the sales manager.

The first feature to explore is the opportunity queues or more specifically the overdue opportunities highlighted in red. You can click to open the overdue opportunities and have a look at the detailed opportunity card.  In here the sales manager can have a look at all the details for this opportunity. If you have more information or update then select “functions” and choose “update”.

You can have a look at the statistical information for this opportunity in “navigate”,   then select “opportunity” and choose “statistics”. Here you will see the number of interactions with a client, what stage you are in with the sales cycle, the estimated value of the opportunity, and all the other important information with regards to the opportunity’s success.

Monitoring Inventory with Business Central

One of the important business aspects the sales manager is interested in is inventory and what’s happening with inventory in the backend. When you open the inventory tab you will see the column on the right side of the screen which shows power BI reports popping up. You can set up multiple dashboards in this column.

If you scroll down you can see inventory forecasts that are driven by Cortana for the sales manager. You can select the “options” button and under “reporting” the sales manager can select inventory and have a look at inventory statistics. For example, you can choose to see the statistics for the list of the top 10 items sold, or even for items that are not as popular.

Another way the sales manager can open up the sales dashboards or have a quick look at reports is by selecting the app-switcher. In the left-hand corner of the screen, go to “all apps” and select “power BI” to open it. There is a space for favorites to keep a close eye on specific reports, you can set it up to show various dashboards that you can put filters on, and also list reports. All of this is made easy and customizable for the sales manager to make quick decisions when needed.

Start Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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