Many small businesses rely on the services of an external accountant to help manage the day to day finances of the business.   Did you know that with Dynamics 365 Business Central, your external accountant can get free access to your business Central Environment.  Let’s dive right in to see the External Accountant Role in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Under the user settings, we will select the accountant role and you can see how the look and functionality in Business Central changes once in the accountant role. The accountants ‘actions’ change as well as the ‘activities’.

If you scroll down further, you can see the accountant can have their favourite accounts setup to show any specific account that they might want quick access to.

There is a power BI dashboard setup and a cash flow forecast with some report settings that the accountant can adjust or change.

Accountant Focused Features

There are many features setup and designed for the accountant in Business Central. A few of these features are the report inbox for report distribution and scheduling specific reports, quick access to overdue payments, cash accounts and all financial related information.

We have some Excel reports that can open directly into Excel or GL reports like the GL trial balance report.

The GL Trial Balance report can be used to search for balances greater than zero from which you can then open up balance sheets to see further detail for that client.

In the Chart Of Accounts, all accounts in blue can be selected and opened for a look at the detailed ledger. For example, we can go into this account, our resale items and have look at the information of the detailed ledger for that account or even any other documents pertaining to that account.

Creating a new account in the GL

Creating a new GL account will be required from time to time.

So I will create one by selecting ‘new’, give it a number, a name and choose a category. You could give it a sub-category but this is not really required for some accounts. You can add more information if needed. Right from this page, the accountant can go process a general journal.

Here you can see a practice transaction. I want to tag this transaction with a specific dimension. Previously we set up the dimension called ‘department’ and in that specific department, I have marketing, sales and technical.

I will post the accommodation expense to the marketing department.
You can setup your own dimensions to be used for your own future transactions. Once I am done with balancing all this out, I can then validate and post this batch.

Editing In Excel.

You can also download and edit this ledger in Excel which will contain the same columns as this journal batch.

On the right you will see the communication between our local excel and Business Central. This allows us to add in all the information and values as we need and once we are done, we can select ‘publish’ and the Excel add in tool will transfer that data to Business central.

If you want to get going on Dynamics 365 Business Central reach out to us on email, via our website, or on Social Media.  Dynamics Africa has the largest channel of experienced Dynamics Partners on the African continent.  With decades worth of experience in a variety of industries, our partners can have you up and running in no time!