It is very important that while you are out making sales that you can access the information you as you need it. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, we have a custom setup to to make it easier for the sales rep to quickly access any information they would need.

The user can go into the settings to set the role as ‘Sales representative’ and this will adjust the functionality to be more applicable for the sales representative.

Here you can see the dashboard adjusts to be more relevant to what the sales rep would need to see.

Typically a sales representative is interested in customers, inventory availability and sales. Business Central makes it easy to open sales quotes and sales orders to have a look at the details of that order. You can see the sales orders that have been release but not shipped, and any delays that may have occurred so that you can keep the customer in the loop on where their order is or action that order as needed.

On the dashboard, we can see the customers and products that have been assigned to that specific sales rep.

The sales rep can set up select customers they wish to see to have quick and easy access to that customers account and have a look at that specific customers detailed ledger.

The sales rep will be able to see outstanding invoices, whats current, the customers credit limits or even when the sales rep is engaging with the customer. This makes it possible for the sales rep to follow up on outstanding payments or add any issues experienced with that customer.

You can also create a new quote for the customer, a sales order or invoice and to the right, you can see the sales history or customer statistics and other various information the sales rep would need to keep record of about the client.

Reports For The Sales Rep

The dashboard is made complete with the Power BI reports.  The reports will contain detailed or an overview of released, pending prepayment, pending approval which you can select and see the sales orders and the status for these orders.

There is a convenient ‘Report Inbox’ where we can set up our report scheduling and distribution for the sales rep. These will be scheduled reports that will be compiled automatically and sent to this specific sales rep for their info.

Start Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you want to start using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, reach out to us on email, or via our website, or on social media. Dynamics Africa has the largest channel of experienced Dynamics partners on the African continent. With decades worth of experience in a variety of industries, our partners has what it takes to get you up and running in no time!