After attending the Directions EMEA conference we received lots of feedback from our partner community across the African continent.  With change comes lots of questions and as such, we would like to answer the questions received in a QnA format.

Before I get to the QnA, herewith an overview of the information shared at Directions EMEA and how Dynamics Africa sees the road ahead for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Africa and abroad.

Branding is branding and the only constant is change:

Branding Expert Rafe Offer when commenting on the topic of branding said the following: “Stay true to your values. That’s why you were a success in the first place, and that’s how you make incredible things happen.”  For more than two decades Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision has been doing incredible things.   Together the NAV Partner community; the NAV ISV Community; and Microsoft have been making incredible things happen.  As result of our combined efforts, its no wonder that as a solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV has more customers globally than all the other Microsoft ERP solutions combined.

The name however is not, at core, what makes it such a strong solution.

  • In 1987 we had Navision in Denmark. Thank you Denmark!
  • When Navision Software A/S merged with fellow Danish firm Damgaard A/S in 2000 to form NavisionDamgard A/S; the solution gained massive momentum and went from strength to strength!
  • When Microsoft acquired Navision A/S in 2002, Navision became a new division within Microsoft together with the other Microsoft Business Solutions in the family (GP; SL; AX and CRM).
  • In 2005 the Navision name was dropped, and the product was rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics NAV as we know it today. Did this rebranding stop the solution?  Did this halter the pace of development?  NO and NO!!
  • In 2017 Microsoft announced an alignment of branding strategies and in 2018 Microsoft Dynamics NAV will carry the Dynamics 365 brand. Will the NAV brand remain?  Currently, we don’t know.  Will the NAV solution as we know it today continue to build on a rich 20-year history?  YES!


Question:  What is Dynamics 365 Tenerife?

Answer:  Dynamics 365 Tenerife is currently the codename for a new complete end-to-end business management solution, based on the Dynamics NAV codebase and it will contain the full capabilities of Dynamics NAV as we know it today.

Question:  Will Dynamics 365 Tenerife be a Cloud only solution?

Answer:  No, Dynamics 365 Tenerife will offer customers an on-premise as well as a Cloud solution.  The choice is yours.

Question:  In Africa, we were waiting for the release of Dynamics 365 Business Edition Financials.  What happened to that?

Answer:  Microsoft is moving away from the concept of ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Business’ Edition Solutions.   As result Dynamics 365 Business Edition Financials (as it is available in the US, Canada and UK today) will come together for release under the Dynamics 365 Tenerife brand.  Africa will not see Dynamics 365 Business Edition.

Question:  When will Dynamics 365 Tenerife be released in Africa?

Answer:  Dynamics 365 Tenerife will be made available in the Spring (USA Spring that is) of 2018 thus somewhere between March to May 2018.  Its released in many countries and the selected countries in the W1 (World One) region, which is where we are in Africa, so hopefully we will also see the release at that time.

Question:  So does that mean that Dynamics 365 Tenerife will be available as a full SaaS solution in Africa March – May next year?

No, not guaranteed.  As mentioned previously W1 is included in the release but the countries in the W1 region is to be determined

Question:  Back to Microsoft Dynamics NAV as we know it today, when will we see the next release?

Answer:  Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is due for release on 1 December 2017!  Dynamics NAV 2018 R2 will follow early in calendar year 2018.

Question:  I hear that Dynamics NAV has no roadmap going forward.  Is that true?

No!  The roadmap is clear, very clear!  A Cloud solution from Microsoft and an on-premise solution from Microsoft comes together in 2018.  Dynamics 365 Tenerife will contain all the capabilities of Dynamics NAV as we know it today, just possibly under a new marketing brand.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tenerife Roadmap

Question:  We have hundreds of Dynamics NAV customers, what happens to them?

Answer:  They move forward and with annual enhancements intact, will have access to Dynamics 365 Tenerife as and when an upgrade is required.   (Remember, Tenerife and NAV share the same code base)

Question:  Will my customer be forced to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Tenerife?

Answer:  A customer is never ‘forced’ to do anything.  New versions of solutions are released to enhance the capabilities of the solution they already own.  Upgrading and date of upgrading is in full control of the customer and partner.

Question:  Do you have pricing on Dynamics 365 Tenerife?

Answer:  No.  Pricing structures are yet to be announced.  Customers with active enhancement plans on NAV will continue to enjoy the benefits of a Protected List Price (PLP)

Question:  I have been a NAV partner for many years.  What’s next for me?

Answer:  A bright future!  Dynamics NAV is taking centre stage as a world-class business application, just under a new branding banner.

Question:  I have invested heavily into intellectual property on the NAV codebase.  Where to now?

Answer:  Extensions, Extensions, Extensions…have I mentioned Extensions yet?  Extensions V2 will allow partners to create applications (apps) for Dynamics 365 Cloud and create extensions for on premise installations.  Customised solutions for a customer?  Build it in an Extension and see how easy the next upgrade will be for you!

Question:  I heard that partners will be able to White-Label Dynamics 365 Tenerife.  Can you explain what this means?

Answer:  A big part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s success over the last two decades has been the ability for partners to build industry specific solutions (NAV for SACCOs; NAV for Advertising and Media Agencies; NAV for Wine Production; NAV for Fruit Marketing; Etc Etc.)  Dynamics Tenerife will continue to build on this proud tradition of specialisation.  On the Tenerife platform however, partners who specialise like this would be able to White Label the technology to call it for instance “Advertising ERP powered by Dynamics 365”.  White Labelling will not be forced, again, it is an option should you wish to make use of this.

Question:  Where does Dynamics NAV / Tenerife fit into the other Dynamics 365 applications already available in the market?

Answer:  Remembering that Dynamics 365 Tenerife will contain all the features as is available in Dynamics NAV today, the other solutions available from Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales; Marketing; Customer Care; Field Service; Project Automation) will be available to enhance Dynamics 365 Tenerife if those specialist areas are required.  As an example, in NAV today you can manage sales, marketing, leads etc very well.  Should you want to enhance on those capabilities, you will be able to add Dynamics 365 for Sales (as an example) to Tenerife to allow for even richer functionality as Tenerife will also reside on the same common data service.  Remember, the core features of NAV as we know it remains.  Its further enhanced with the other business applications under the Dynamics 365 brand.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tenerife