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Whether you are a new start up, a business application builder with an on-premise solution looking to migrate to the cloud or an experienced SaaS solutions provider looking to take your application to the next level, let 4Sight help your application soar with the power of Microsoft Azure. Take your application to the next level with our team of application experts; ensure application security and cloud cost control whilst we help you launch with global scale.


Scale your business application with powerful cloud computing. Demonstrate reliability with the auto-allocation of computing power as the demand rises so that your business application is always performing at its best.

Cost Management

Receive a clear view of your cloud computing costs with direct access to an environment monitoring portal that shows you a detailed cost per resource breakdown with the added benefit of being able to identify consumption patterns that can be used to optimize your resources resulting in cost savings.

Go Global

Reach a global audience with a step-by-step guide and professional advice on publishing your business application on the Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace commercial platforms.

Expert Advice

Work with Microsoft cloud experts to evaluate, assess and provide architectural design optimization recommendations to ensure your business application is running on the best cloud infrastructure with strong cloud computing, resource optimization and cost savings at the forefront of the conversation.


Automatically rely on Microsoft Azure’s security, privacy and compliance standards. With more global regions than any other cloud provider, Azure provides unmatched compliance coverage related to local data usage laws.

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Your CSP partner of choice

Your CSP partner of choice