Dynamics Learning Portal

The Dynamics Learning Portal is a must have for any partner wanting to sell and support Microsoft Dynamics Solutions.


What content is shared on the Dynamics Learning Portal?



Learning Plans:

Dynamics Learning Plans are a core resource designed to increase your in-depth product knowledge, highlight your expertise and unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Dynamics solution!
Training assets are offered in a variety of formats in DLP, and when consumed through the learning plans, will help you excel in key business disciplines, accelerate your growth and improve your business results.

Topic Pages


The Topic Pages section allows Dynamics Partners to filter according to role in the organisation and according to type of responsibilities in the business. If you are in sales and looking for a course on how to Demo Dynamics 365, visit the Topics Pages site. If you are looking for all the Dynamics 365 Webinar series, Topic pages is the place to go…and so much more.

Course Catalog:

With close to 300 online courses, the course catalog is the heart of The Dynamics Learning Portal.

Visitors has the ability again to filer on your role, capabilities, industries, type of tracks you are interested in, product version, and even what is available in your local language.

Workshop Offers



Currently with over 51 workshop offers, the Workshop section is a must for anyone wanting to gain real in-depth experience.

Assessments and Exam Preparation Guides:


The Key to successful customer deployments is certified dynamics staff and no where can you find better content that on the Dynamics Learning Portal. Assess your knowledge or prepare for a specific exam.

For more information on how to gain access to DLP, please contact Dynamics Africa on info@dynamicsafrica.biz

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