When it comes to investing in business management software, one size does not fit all. Every business has unique needs that changes as the business grows. When purchasing ERP solutions offered by Microsoft Dynamics you can choose from either perpetual licences or subscription licencing:

  • Perpetual: A Microsoft Dynamics perpetual licence is a licence that you buy and pay for upfront. You can add additional user licences at any time but these are also paid for upfront as and when you need them. When buying a perpetual licence, you protect your investment’s future value by paying an annual enhancement fee. Business Ready Enhancement Plan, or BREP, is thus added to all perpetual purchases.
  • Subscription: You can also purchase Microsoft Dynamics via monthly subscription payments. In the long run, it’s a little bit more expensive but you benefit from the fact that you do not have a big upfront payment.
  • Financing:  You may even choose to finance your new Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution through a software financing specialist.  Doing this, you benefit from having a perpetual software licence with the convenience of monthly payments.  Like you would finance your vehicle, or your bond, you simply finance your ERP solution.  You can even finance the implementation consulting fees as well.  If this is of interest to you, let Dynamics Africa introduce you to the right people…

Perpetual Licence

  • Requires upfront payment for the software licences.
  • Investment is protected by an annual BREP Payment.
  • As the traditional licencing model, perpetual licence remains the most economical way to buy your Microsoft Dynamics software.

Subscription License

  • No upfront license costs are required.
  • Software licenses are paid for on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly payments may change as the currency’s rate of exchange fluctuates.