Dynamics Africa join partners and customers across the globe in excitement with the official launch of Dynamics 365!  The move to the Cloud is literally taking business productivity to new heights!  With Dynamics 365 users can interact with the ‘traditional’ ERP and CRM features without the need to navigate away from applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Excel where many business users spend the biggest part of their day.

Dynamics 365 is available in two unique versions. In this blog entry, we will focus on the Business Edition.

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

  1. Business Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition

Business Edition:  Business Edition is optimised for companies with an employee count of 10 – 100.  Apps included in the Business Edition (at the time of launch) include:

  • Financials (aka Project Madeira) allowing organisations a full online accounting and financial application to manage your business. Unfortunately, the Financials App is not yet available in the African region.  We will gain access to Financials during calendar year 2017.
  • Sales App: allowing you to manage your sales team with full sales force automation features
  • Marketing App: drive marketing campaigns for your growing business
  • PowerApps: Build applications using Microsoft flow, unique to the requirements and business processed of your business.

Product Name changes:

  • What was launched as code name ‘Project Madeira’ will from now on officially be called Dynamics 365 Business Edition Financials
  • In the Business Edition of Dynamics 365 Dynamics CRM will be unpacked into different Apps each based on specialised functionality:
    • Sales (Business and Enterprise)
    • Marketing (Business and Enterprise)
    • Field Service (Enterprise Only)
    • Customer Service (Enterprise Only)
    • Project Service Automation (Enterprise Only)

Current customers:

Current Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM customers will not be affected by the changes in product structure.  Enhancements stay intact and future migration plans to the new licencing structure will be possible.

Dynamics 365 User Types

Dynamics 365 User Types

User types:

Across the Business and Enterprise Edition, each user may be licensed only for the functionality they need, introducing Plans, Apps, and Team Members

Team Members:   This first category is your “light users”. This is the broad user base that predominately consumes data and reports and completes light tasks like time entry and HR updates. This user base provides the basis for our enterprise wide offers.

Apps:   This is where a user is narrowly licensed at an individual application level. (I’m a sales user, I’m only licensed for sales) This is largely how biz apps are licensed and sold today.

Plans:  Plan based user licences allow a customer, with a single licence, the flexibility to leverage whatever functionality they need (within their plan) to fit their specific user role. This type of licensing not only provides a lot more flexibility and cost savings, it also enables customers to build custom user roles that reflect the real world, bringing more value to their organizations.

More information:

Over the next few weeks we will be issuing more information about this exciting new solution from Microsoft.  If you require more information, please reach out to us on info@dynamicsafrica.biz