Installation and Configuration of Dynamics Payroll Extension

On the home screen in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, navigate to Setup & Extensions -> Extensions

To install the Dynamics Payroll Extension, click on Manage -> Upload Extension

Select the .app file that needs to be uploaded into the tenant, select the version that this extension must apply to, choose your language and Accept the disclaimer and then choose Deploy.

To set up the extension, go to Setup & Extensions and choose Assisted Setup and select Dynamics Payroll

Setup has to be done in Business Central for the Dynamics Payroll company from where the journals must integrate from:

*Please note that the Username and Password are the logins you use to access Dynamics Payroll and the Payroll Service URL (webservice) will be provided to you

Configuration is done and successful – click on Finish

Under your installed extensions, the Dynamics Payroll extension will appear:

Setup of General Ledger Accounts

The setup of the GL accounts has to be done within Dynamics Payroll as well as in Business Central.

In Dynamics Payroll, navigate to Company tab -> Allowances/Deductions/Fringe Benefits/Contributions -> General Ledger Parameters and “click here to add new gl entry” or edit an existing GL name. From here, add the different GL accounts and match them with Business Central.

Dynamics Payroll

D365 Business Central

In Business Central, navigate to Finance -> Chart of Accounts -> + New to setup the GL accounts that matches the accounts in your Dynamics Payroll company.

After all the account codes have been created, the integration can follow.


For the integration, follow the following steps: Finance -> General Journals

Click on Actions -> Periodic Activities -> Dynamics Payroll -> Import Dynamics Payroll Journal

To check the configuration of the company that has been setup:

Click on Navigate -> Check Dynamics Payroll Config


These are the same details as the initial configuration screen.

The Username is the email address used on the log in screen and the Dynamics Payroll Web Service Password is the password used to log into Dynamics Payroll.

The Web Service URL will be supplied to you.

After the configuration, make sure you have selected the correct company and enter the Fiscal Year and the period that must be integrated from Dynamics Payroll.

Click on Actions -> New Document -> Import Dynamics Payroll Salary Journal


Select Allow Once and click OK (this is applicable in Sandbox environments when the external service is requested)


The journal lines from Dynamics Payroll will show and you can do final checks before the last step of the integration. The journal totals will reflect at the bottom of the page to make sure that the debits and credits balances.

Click on Actions -> Create Batch 

You will get a message that the journal has been created successfully and you can on OK and close the screen.

The SALARIES journal is created and can be posted. Click on SALARIES and do final checks before you post it into the General Ledger.

Click on Post/Print and Post to post it successfully to your General Ledger.