Dynamics 365 for Sales:  Helping you turn relationships into revenue

One of the most popular applications in the Dynamics 365 stack is the sales application.  Dynamics 365 for Sales.  The video on top shows a quick outline of what the solution can do for your business.  Hit the play button before we proceed:

Cloud:  The video makes reference to the Cloud. Whilst Dynamics 365 is designed for cloud deployment, an on-premise version is also available.

Pre-built sales dashboards:  Make no mistake, this application is built for the modern sales executive.  Sales activities, pipeline reports and sales management reports all come standard with Dynamics 365 for sales.

Lead Management:  In order to achieve sales goals, a sales executive needs many qualified opportunities and the only way to have multiple qualified opportunities, is by generating tons of business leads. Lead management is a key functional area in Dynamics 365 for sales.

Power BI:  As with all Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, there are seamless and automated integrations with PowerBI. Think of PowerBI as Excel on steroids. If you can open an excel spreadsheet, you can work with PowerBI – no training required!

Dynamics 365 for Sales Power BI Interface

Dynamics 365 for Sales Power BI Interface

Business Process Bar:  For a new sales executive joining the team, the visual process bar makes it very simple to see which steps should be followed. These processes can be used ‘as-is’ or can be customised to your unique sales processes.

D365 sales visual process flow

D365 sales visual process flow

Skype Integration:  Skype for Business integration comes standard, allowing you the opportunity to collaborate in real time with your sales team members.

Outlook integration:  Perhaps one of the coolest features is the integration with Outlook.

  • Web to Lead: Without the need to manually capture new lead information, with the simple click of a button, Dynamics 365 for sales can capture a new lead from the information contained in an incoming email.
  • Communication tracking: By simply tracking an email, all communications with your sales prospect, or internal communications with your team members about this opportunity, is tracked and stored in the system!  MASSIVE TIME SAVER!

The Million Dollar Question:  What does it cost?

Well the great news is you can licence Dynamics 365 from as little as R71 (South African Rand) per user per month for the Team Member Licence whilst a full user will only cost you R570 per user per month*

*Pricing correct at time of publishing; Pricing Excludes VAT; Please confirm pricing with us today.


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