Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service helps organizations providing field-based services to their clients, thereby improving resource productivity for on-site installations maintenance services. D365 Field Service is an end-to-end solution that helps your business manage complex service agreements, maximize customer satisfaction, track inventory and assets, manage service orders and effectively identify and dispatch resources. On-top of all of this you also gain the intelligence needed to provide proactive and preventive service and support.

Manage your mobile workforce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Service Agreements:


  • Service forecasting: Track warranties against assets, provide visibility into terms and expiration dates.
  • Accurate billing: Ensure that service and billing conform to warranty requirements. Classify assets and track location, repair history, and maintenance schedules.
  • SLA management: Manage terms, conditions, and automated renewals of contracts and Service Level Agreements.

Schedule and Dispatch:


  • Balanced workloads: Identify and organize available resources by category to intelligently balance workloads
    and resources.
  • The best technician: Match skill sets of the technician against
    the requirements of the work order.
  • Optimized schedules: Decrease driving time between work by creating a schedule with geography, customer preference, availability, and SLAs in mind.

Inventory Management:


  • Right-off Reduction: Accurately track service stock at mobile and fixed locations. Manage updates and stock history for any location including updating
    truck stock.
  • Remote inventory access: Provide mobile access to inventory and
    parts information.
  • Parts management: Manage inventory information for part transactions like requests, return material authorizations, stock adjustments or transfers.

Service Intelligence:


  • Interactive dashboards: Provide real-time views of key service metrics through fully customizable, interactive dashboards.
  • Customer insight: Deepen customer insight and identify business opportunities by tracking and correlating customer satisfaction with service metrics.
  • Trends and forecasting: Identify trends, explore scenarios, and forecast outcomes to reduce effort scores, improve performance and identify best practices.
Dynamics 365 Field Service is sold and implemented through a global network of Dynamics 365 Field Service partners with industry experience. Contact us today to connect you to a partner in your region.

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