This is a series of how to videos for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Essentials. In this video you will learn how to manage your inventory or stock items in Dynamics 365 Business Essentials. With a beautiful graphical interface and built-in artificial intelligence, managing inventory has never been this easy.

How to Check Your Inventory Availability

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Essentials, you can assemble to order as well as predict inventory needs. Firstly, you can check inventory availability by warehouse location. You can access this from the business manager role centre in Business Central. Alternatively, you can use the combination keys alt and Q for an application wide search feature, which will open in the search bar.

Type in “order planning” and select the menu item as it appears.

Select the item menu option to view the inventory items categorized by options such as period or variance. Or you can check the inventory by location or warehouse.

Generating a Purchase Order

You can generate a purchase order for an item against the vendor specified for that inventory item. Click back to the business manager role centre and scroll down to the ongoing purchase orders to see the items that have been ordered from that specific supplier or vendor.

In the inventory section you can also create a sales order for an assembly item. Scroll down into your inventory item overview, with a beautiful graphical interface, showing pictures of all your inventory items. After selecting a product, you can scroll down to see the assembly policies to either assemble to order or assemble to inventory stock.

Generating a Sales Order from the Purchase Order

By clicking on the company name in the business manager role centre, you can create a sales order for a customer with the assembly items on that order. When you click on the sales order tile you can see the open sales orders. You can then check which location/warehouse has enough stock to assemble the order. If you increase the quantity beyond the available stock, the system will pop up a warning message, notifying you that the stock quantity is not sufficient to cover the desired changes.

You can click yes to record the desired quantity. When you click on the three dots under the quantity to order field, it will show you what is required for a single unit and what is required in total for the desired units. In the sales order you can use the alt + Q combination keys to open up the search bar. Then type in “assembly order” to open up the assembly order for the specific sales order. It will contain all the details for the required order quantity. You can then process the assembly order in order to have enough stock for the required sales order.

Start Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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