Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics Africa is excited to share the announcement by Microsoft on the imminent release of Dynamics 365 Business Central!  Dynamics 365 Business Central will be generally available on April 2, 2018 in 14 countries – United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, and Finland, and will be sold only through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners.  In Australia and New Zealand Dynamics 365 Business Central will be generally available beginning July 1, 2018.  Sorry Africa…not yet, but we have it on good authority that the wait will not be too long!

To quote Alysa Taylor, General Manager for Business Apps & Strategy on her blog: “In the era of digital transformation, change is the new normal and a dramatic evolution is underway across industries. The most successful businesses are already reaping the rewards by expanding on flexible cloud platforms and meeting customer demands in real-time by collecting comprehensive data, intelligently analyzing results and responding with sophisticated automation software.  Later this spring (Autumn for us in Africa), Microsoft will continue contributing to this movement with new updates to Dynamics 365. The spring release will continue our focus on new modern, modular applications, expanded analytics and AI software and improvements to our global, trusted, hybrid, secure cloud platform. 

See the full article here: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/2018/03/13/announcing-microsoft-dynamics-365-business-central-greater-impact-with-an-end-to-end-view/ 

In November 2017, Dynamics Africa reported on the announcement of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tenerife (https://www.dynamicsafrica.biz/microsoft-dynamics-365-tenerife/) Tenerife was the code name used for this project and the wait is now over…

Tenerife’s official name will be Dynamics 365 Business Central

Some Questions and answers again:

Q: Does Dynamics 365 Business Central replace Dynamics NAV?

A: No, Dynamics NAV will continue to be available to customers across the globe, either as an on-premise ERP application, or as a cloud based application hosted by Microsoft partners.  So for now, the brand name Dynamics NAV will continue!

Q. If Business Central is not replacing Dynamics NAV, what is the difference then?

A. Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central will share the same features.  The difference is that Dynamics 365 Business Central will be a cloud only solution, whilst NAV will continue to offer customers the option to deploy on-premise or in a partner hosted cloud environment (that might be on Azure, or private data centre)

Q. Can you give some insight into the pricing structure?

A. Yup, this has been made available.  Dynamics 365 Business Central will have two ‘versions’ namely Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials and Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium.  Essentials will retail at $70 per user per month whilst Premium will retail at $100 per user per month.  For more information visit: https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/business-central/overview/

Essentials will contain Inter-company transactions (currently only available in Dynamics NAV Extended Pack)

Essentials will offer more features than what is available in the NAV Starter Pack.  Essentials contains all NAV features but excludes Manufacturing and Service Management.  Premium will contain all NAV Features.

Q. Will official Microsoft Partner Network Certifications be available for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

A. Indeed, the good news is that Dynamics ERP Partners can gain the Cloud Business Applications competency when passing the required exams.  More details will be made available at the Inspire Conference in July 2018.

Q. Does Dynamics 365 Business Central replace Dynamics 365 Business Edition?

A. Yes, Business Edition will be replaced by Dynamics 365 Business Central.  As this was never available in Africa, we need not worry about transitions but the good news for customers in US, Canada and UK already running D365 Business Edition, they will be migrated to the new Business Central Platform.

Q. If a customer would want to upgrade to a full cloud based solution, will there be a transition path from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

A. Yes, NAV customers would be able to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central.  I might be wrong here, but I get the idea that a migration from NAV 2018 will be the best option as a migration from a previous version will be a bit tricky.  Also important to note that migration of customisations will only be possible if those customisations were done in the form of an Extension.   ISV’s from Appsource will also work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

In terms of pricing/licencing, Microsoft will announce transition offers to move to Dynamics 365 Business Central from current Dynamics NAV Perpetual or Subscription pricing.

Please follow our blogs for more information.  We look forward to a very bright future for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central!