Disaster Recovery on Microsoft Azure

Reduce application downtime during IT interruptions, without compromising compliance. Microsoft disaster recovery supports applications in Azure and on-premises, providing comprehensive coverage across virtual machines and physical servers. Backup and Disaster Recovery from Microsoft Azure can replace existing on-site or off-site backups with a cloud-based solution which is reliable, secure, and cost- effective. It uses various Microsoft Datacentres from 42 different regions for the remote storage location. The solution stores data in 3 separate locations within the primary data centre and 3 separate locations in an
additional data centre. All data utilising this service is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard 256, whether it is from an on-premise or cloud-based environment. Data is stored in the Recovery Services vault in Microsoft Azure in an advanced encrypted format. Only you, the client, can unlock this data. No one, including Microsoft, can decrypt the backup data at any point. Backup Plus includes the management of the backup process, data, restore and increments of data, and guaranteed restore times are optionally available.
Incremental Backup
Every Azure Backup component supports uncremental backup regardless of the target storage (Disk type, Recovery Service Vault), incremental backup ensures that backups are storage and time efficient, by transferring only those changes since the last backup.
Microsoft Azure data centres are Tier 4, which provides for an up time of 99.95%, but with the additional location where data is stored, there will be no down time and your data will always be safe.
Disaster Recovery
The Azure Backup Solution is designed to be highly resilient to hardware failures that could occur.
The goal of resiliency is to return the application to a fully functional state following a failure.
Bacause of this Architecture, Azure has consistently delivered enterprise-grade durability for IaaS disks, with an industry leading zero percent.
Compatible Workload
Files and Folders (Windows Server and Windows Computer).
Hyper V Virtual Machines.
Microsoft SQL Server.
Additional Workloads and services are continiously added.

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