Consolidate Reports


Today, we are going to look at how to consolidate reports and the features in Business Central for the consolidation of reports. Previously we talked about setting up multiple legal entities as separate companies in Dynamics 365 Business Central. We showed you how you can do this



To find this feature for report consolidation quickly, we will just hit ‘Alt’ & ‘Q’, or the lightbulb in the top menu bar, to open up the smart search feature. To begin with, we want to access the ‘business units’ section, so in the smart search bar, you can just select business units. The Business Units screen will allow you to set up multiple business units. We have set up two different units and linked them both to Business Central companies. When opening up a business unit, you will be able to see the details for that unit and you can also see which company that unit is associated too.  



Database Testing

We first have to look at the trial balance before going through with report consolidation. You can select ‘Actions’ in the menu bar, and then select ‘Functions’ and then the ‘Test Database’ action. We just want to test the databases for connectivity, so you will need to set up a start and ending date. A preview will pop up, and the system will create a success report for the two business units. You can then read through the report and check that the information is correct. Once you are done, you can just close the window.

Consolidation Process

When you consolidate reports, you will click under ‘Functions’ and select ‘Run Consolidation”. You will then need to set up the fiscal year periods and select the dates for which you want the consolidation to start and end. You will see that you can add in a document number and select a source currency. 

You can add a document Number and select the source currency. You can choose any currency but for our example, we just chose to use South African Rands.  

Business Central will then confirm the consolidation period. You can select the ‘preview button’ for the consolidated trial balance between the two business units. From the preview, the report is ready for easy saving or emailing using Office 365.  


Start Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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