Backup and Archiving on Microsoft Azure

Across the globe companies are creating more and more data without consideration for securing the data. Backup hardware and software can be expensive and offsite backup solutions using backup-tapes is usually shipped to an offsite location. Restoring backups from these backup-tapes is time consuming and expensive.
Introducing Backup and Restore services from Microsoft Azure:

  • SLA for 99.95% uptime guaranteed by Microsoft
  • You choose the data centre to run from, from 42 regions (soon also from African Based Data Regions)
  • Deploy faster with cloud-based services
  • Shift capex to Opex – focus more on projects that drive impact for the business
  • Manage peak and elastic demand in a digital world
Start protecting your companies’ information on an enterprise grade Microsoft Azure infrastructure

  • Creating backups into Azure, provides secure, 256bit encrypted storage that only you can access
  • Data is backed up into 2 separate geographical locations, with 3 separate copies in each location. With 6 total copies, you can be assured that data cannot be lost
  • Provides for a seamless experience by providing management of all backed up systems, from any web browser
  • Ability to backup files, SQL backups or even full virtual machines
  • Online based Virtual machines as well as on premise machines, can be backed up to Microsoft Azure
  • Retain backups for as long as you wish.
Incremental Backup
Every Azure Backup component supports uncremental backup regardless of the target storage (Disk type, Recovery Service Vault), incremental backup ensures that backups are storage and time efficient, by transferring only those changes since the last backup.
Microsoft Azure data centres are Tier 4, which provides for an up time of 99.95%, but with the additional location where data is stored, there will be no down time and your data will always be safe.
Compatible Workload
Files and Folders (Windows Server and Windows Computer).
Hyper V Virtual Machines.
Microsoft SQL Server.
Additional Workloads and services are continiously added.

How secure is your data?

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